ow could sustainable shopping pay off?





eQlogic | An estimated 8mio tons of plastic migrate into our oceans yearly - wiping out millions of marine animals, harming the ecosystem and also indirectly driving the global climate change forward. The eQlogic approach aims at making avoiding single-use plastic socially normative.

In my bachelor graduation project I developed the idea of a system that influences people into taking care of their own plastic waste production. This concept, that would not just make people aware but also provide an option to take action in their everyday life could eventually have an effect on the industry.

Abandoning single-use plastic in three simple steps.

1. Value

Participating products hold an eQ-value depending on the responsibility of plastic-usage in its packaging.

2. Payment

A payment with your personalized eQ-Creditcard sends the collected eQ-points to your account. The card itself acts as an individual reminder to the mission of avoiding plastic packaging whereever you can. You have the choice of a variety of wood and colors.

3. Social Proof

All comes together in the app, that allows you to track your shopping behaviour in regards to its sustainability and ecological healthieness. Gamification elements like chaellenges and the central social ranking, that puts your effors in relation to friends and strangers act as motivations to make being ecologically responsible a desirable trend.

Ranking (l), user profile with dashboard (m) and community feed (r).