hat will our office be like in ten years?


Future Research



Plænty Space | Along a combination of Delphi studies and Design Sprint, a speculative future scenario of the office in ten years was designed in collaboration with experts.

Speculations that will be possible, plausible, probable and maybe even preferable.

As part of the student project, 23 theses on the future of work were initially drawn up. This was done in consultation with experts from futurology, office architecture, science fiction and other related industries. The goal was to find and locate speculations that lay within the the spectrum of the preferable futures.


After also ideating on a scenario called "Mobile Office" I decided to further specify on "Outdoor Office".

Why not make the home office a nature office? There's Plænty Space.

Instead of bringing nature into the office with indoor greenery, the office is brought into nature. Groups of about five to ten mobile office rooms are set up in parks and forests and can be booked by individuals or teams as desired. The office rooms, each measuring approximately six square meters, can be booked as an alternative to the monotonous home office and offer an inspiring and meditative working atmosphere.

Functions & features are smart and minimalistic.

Each office is equipped with a computer that provides the personalized desktop interface, programs and files thanks to Cloud Working Service. The wall-mounted digital whiteboard for structuring thoughts works on the same principle.

A digital service makes Plænty Space accessible.

The user journey anticipates that interested users can select an office at the desired work location via the Plænty Space app. Directions and weather data are determined immediately. Once the office is booked for the desired period, it can be unlocked through app verification and a prior personalized desktop is already waiting.

Iterations, iterations, iterations...

The following are just a few excerpts of the long lasting process of refining service, features and form.

"With increasing health awareness, the work environment is also being reconsidered. The office takes place partly in the open air or under air and light-permeable domes. Smells, fresh air, daylight and gardening opportunities restore the relationship between people and nature for the benefit of work ethic and mental health."

Thesis: Outdoor Office