©2017 /with Lukas Feldhoff

ow to revive vacant spaces?




spacial communication

image compositing

Einrichten—Ausleben | There are some blind spots in the city of Ravensburg — vacant stores appear to distress the lively city image. "Einrichten —Ausleben" (transl.: set up—live out) is an interactive concept aiming at making shop displays more appealing and targeting potential tenants.

Bizarre from afar but grows up close.

We aimed at creating something interesting to catch people's look from afar but blows a mind close up – an inspirational touch and feel, that inspires to get active and something to remember and share. A loud visual attracts peoples attention and calls for an interaction to investigate what's happening in this vibrant picture.

A look through the filters to discover absurd professions.

Special light filters allow the overlaying images to be viewed individually.

Could you even imagine...

We threw a wide variety of different jobs and activities into our mixer to create interesting, hybrid professions and hobbies. A look through each of the three light filters in the display window allows you to see a different scene that might spark inspiration for a dream coming reality...