ust foodtracking be so incon-venient?


Lean Startup




Waago | Along the Lean Startup method, an innovative tool for food tracking was ideated, designed and iterated in several phases. Regular exposure of these iterations within the relevant target group ensured the necessary reality check for the conception of the novel product.

Fitness freaks, self-optimizers and generally nutrition-conscious people need a practical foodtracking solution that's just a reach away.

The slim scale hold on to the back of a smartphone magnetically. Linked to the associated app, the weight of each meal is transferred directly to a users diet journal. A photo is used to automatically determine the ingredients and their proportion. Weighing the empty plate after the meal allows an exact analysis.

Waago is your friendly, active and clean compagnion.

App and scale were designed along the user journey and first wireframes that intended an innovative but easily accessible interaction. The fun and easy to use appearance associates the target audience's healthy and sportive lifestyle.

Evaluating the market gave an idea about the niche and it's economic potential.

Survey data gathered through landingpage and social media stories as well as conversion rates provided valuable opinions about the product and needs. This feedback was then evaluated on a weekly basis in order to further define improved iterations of the prototype.

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