How to make an empty space interesting?

with Lukas Feldhoff

There are some blind spots in Ravensburg vacant stores appear to distress the lively city image. "Einrichten —Ausleben" ("set up—live out") is an idea to make these more appealing and target potential tenants.

We want to make something interesting to catch peoples look from afar but blows a mind close up. An inspirational touch and feel, that inspires to get active and something to remember and share.

A loud visual attracts peoples attention and calls for an interaction to see what's happening in this chaotic picture.

A wide variety of different jobs and activities were thrown into the mixer to create some interesting hybrids of professions and hobbies. Looking through one of the three  filters allows you to see a different scene and might inspire you...


See how it works below:


_communication in space


_image editing

_and so on...



Mark Wallisch . mediadesign

42659 Solingen (GER)